Taking away the stumps

We provide tree stump removal services to take away unsightly, inconvenient or dangerously-located stumps. Tree stumps can often look like an eyesore, so in order to keep your surroundings looking beautiful, call the team at Tree C.A.M to remove any unwanted stumps. We also remove trees, so if you’re looking for the full service look no further! We deal with the entire project from preparing the surroundings for work, until tidying up when we’re finished expertly removing the unwanted vegetation!

How are they removed?

We use a stump grinder to remove tree stumps. This grinds up the stump and surrounding soil to a mixture of soil and woodchip to fill the hole. This is the quickest and most efficient way to remove unwanted stumps.

The benefits of removal

  • Beautifies the area
  • Makes public areas safer
  • Obstacles removed
  • Frees up land
  • Enables building/landscaping
  • Have a question ? Call us.

What happens to the tree stump?

The removed tree stump is ground into small chips of wood, which are then mixed in with the surrounding soil to create a mulch. The majority of this mulch is then backfilled into the hole, providing valuable nutrients to the soil. Give us a call to book a tree stump removal.

Getting them out of the way for the common good

A tree stump can spoil the look of an area, prove a danger to pedestrians who may trip over them or their roots, and sometimes get in the way of making improvements to a garden or open space. If you are unsure whether a tree stump within your garden is dangerous and needs removing – just get in touch! We are more than happy to have a chat with you and provide expert advice.
After a while, tree stumps that have been left alone will begin to rot, which can begin to look messy and can overall take away the look of your garden’s design! Get a free consultation and no obligation quote today!

We operate within:

  • Chorley
  • Bolton
  • Leyland
  • Horwich
  • Your location isn’t listed? Give us a call for information on whether we cover your area!