We'll be there in a hurry

When trees just can’t wait, we have a rapid response service in operation with a talented, highly experienced and qualified team to clear away debris or perform emergency surgery upon them. Dangerous trees made safe – in a way that is best for the continued health of the tree and surrounding area. Whether this means removing the tree completely or pruning it to make it safe.


Dealing quickly with dangerous trees

Especially in the wintery months, rough weather such as really bad storms or high winds can cause significant damage to trees and gardens causing minor things such as branches breaking and falling, or even totally uprooting whole trees. This storm damage can rapidly become dangerous to both pedestrians and traffic, which requires dealing with really quickly and efficiently to avoid any kind of accident.

Our emergency service

  • 24-hour callout – our 24 callout service allows you to be protected from any kind of issues you may face that require being dealt with quickly, such as storm damage, making the situation potentially dangerous!
  • Rapid response – Call us at any time to access our 24-hour callout service, or even just for some expert advice.
  • Assessments – We are more than happy to come to you in order to complete a full assessment and make recommendations accordingly. We can give you a free no obligation quote straight after and begin work as soon as necessary! We are happy to work to your timescale in order to meet your requirements!
  • Qualified removal – Our specialist team is highly qualified within all aspects of our services, as well as having a wealth of experience to back it up.
  • Professional tree surgery – Our reputation for being a highly professional company comes from our fantastic results every time.

What is the process?

If you’re worried about a damaged tree within your garden, call us and we’ll assess the extent of the damage on the tree and can then evaluate and judge the best action to take. Whether that is removing fallen branches, or totally removing the tree. Damaged trees can become an eyesore in many cases and are often better out of the way to provide a much more aesthetically pleasing landscape and design. Such trees can be replaced with our planting service !

There's no need to wait until a tree is damaged

There is no need to wait until a storm brings down large branches or a tree begins to really become damaged, if you have a tree that is becoming too tall or large, just get in touch with the specialists here at Tree C.A.M to get some of our expert advice on what to do next! Call today to enquire about our services.