Reducing the carbon footprint

Planting trees is essential to maintaining the ecology of our planet, and can also significantly improve the look of your open areas. We’ll help you plan for the future with our knowledgeable and expert advice.


Why do I need a tree professionally planted?

An arboricultural expert will survey the area where you want your tree or trees to be planted and judge the best species of tree to use, considering the function they will serve, the local ecology, the native wildlife and the area’s ability to sustain them.

Our projects

  • Small domestic plantings
  • Woodland planting
  • Natural plant mixes
  • Environmentally friendly

From start to finish

We’ll not only advise you on the type of tree to use, taking into consideration bark texture, screening, leaf form and autumn colouring, but we will source, dig the pit and plant the tree as a complete service.

Trees that will be around for generations

Tree planting is an investment in the future. Done properly, the trees we plant will be around for hundreds of years, and we work to only the very highest standards to ensure that the best tree for the environment goes into the ground. Give us a call to discuss your needs.