Tree removals

It is an uncomfortable truth that sometimes trees need to be removed to improve an area or make it safe. We will remove a tree professionally, and ensure that it’s done safely, by evaluating surroundings, carrying out full risk assessments, using high-quality equipment as well as health and safety gear, and ensuring that all members of staff have had full health and safety training. We are trained to remove all types of trees, making as little impact on the surrounding area as possible, in order to protect any other nature.

Why do trees need to be removed?

Rough weather, such as storms and gales, can cause great damage to trees and turn them from a beautiful part of nature into a hazard, often quite dangerous. A tree may also need to be removed if it has become diseased. Another reason that trees get removed is due to gardens/landscapes being redesigned, or if a new pet is brought into the family and there is a particular tree or part of vegetation that is poisonous to the animal.

Can all trees come down?

All types of trees, large and small, can be removed, it’s just that some may require more work and take longer than others. Some can be felled in one, while others are dismantled. We are very experienced within removing all kinds of trees and vegetation, and are very aware of each process that needs to be carried out when removing trees.

What happens to the tree stump?

  • Professionally carried out
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Completed to BS 3998
  • Quoted for free of charge and dealt with by a dedicated, experienced team

Why you need a professional

Certification is needed before any tree is removed, and those carrying out the job need to be trained to carry out the procedure safely. Most trees are dismantled in sections rather than removed whole, and this requires rigging and the correct equipment. We always aim to disturb the surrounding area as little as possible. If not done right, tree removal can be a messy and dangerous procedure, and can cause damage to both the people involved and the surrounding areas.

We also offer the service of site removals and clearances, meaning we can tidy the area and leave it in fantastic condition before and after if you require! Our prices are highly competitive and we have a fully trained team – so leave the professionals to do it right!

We operate within:

  • Chorley
  • Bolton
  • Leyland
  • Horwich
  • Your location isn’t listed? Give us a call for information on whether we cover your area!